Matchless Gift Shop

Welcome to the “Matchless Gift Shop”. This is the place where you will find all the relevant literature which will help you become more self realized.

These literature is bona fide literature coming down from ancient disciplic succession in India. The science of self realization is not just stored in the mere papers, rather it is preserved in the hearts of fully self realized persons, who lives by the examples following the scriptures and previous authorities in the Spiritual Science.

Any person can “purchase” these items regardless he is coming from Indian background or not, regardless he is spiritually inclined or not, regardless he is theist or atheist.

Why did we mention the word “purchase” when we have opened this e-shop as “Matchless Gift Shop”? In reality, these literature is priceless. Actual price is You, your sincerity and eagerness to become Self Realized. The more you would understand the subject matters, the more you will discover that the price in terms of money you would pay is nothing.

Indeed, these literature are Spiritual Gems, get them soon and decorate your life with the garland of these gems. we promise that you won’t regret.

We are charging the price on the books, just to cover the cost of the printing, handling and e-site management (domain, website hosting, running) costs.

If you honestly can’t afford full price but at the same time have willingness to learn and follow, feel free to write to us and we can work out something. Indeed, we will work out something.

Thank you. Om Tat Sat.

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