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Science of Self Realization

Last updated on 6 April 2019

In the previous post, we learnt that a human being inquires about the existence,  seeks out the purpose of life and existence rather than just as an animal who does simply eating, sleeping, mating and defending activities.

We encountered some questions: What is the benefit of becoming Self Realized? How would I know what is real Self Realization or what is a bluff Self Realization? Whom should I approach and how to verify if that person is already Self Realized

In this post, we will deal with some of above questions.

Q1: What is the benefit of becoming Self Realized?

If, someone asks a basic question – what is the benefit of breathing? Any intelligent human being would response, well it’s too keep you alive. Without air, one won’t survive for longer than few minutes. Similarly without becoming Self Realized – there is no question of living, at least in this human form of life. Just as breathing air is to living, self realization is to living a human form of life.  Simple as that.

Now the benefits. There are plenty benefits affecting not only individual, also at the levels – family, social, national and international.

The most basic, sublime and instant benefit is that fully self realized person, family, group, nation become blissful, content and in harmony with the Supreme Being and nature.

Fully Self Realized person naturally becomes loving friend of Supreme Living Being and all other living beings and he loses all his desire to lord over the people, animals and natural resources. He does not remain in the activities of “I, Me and Mine”, rather he cares about bringing Self Realization to all the living entities who are helplessly trapped in this cycle of birth, death, old age and disease.

Fully Self Realized person sees and maintains everything in relation to the Supreme Living Being and thus he acts always in harmony with the Supreme. This brings complete harmony, peace and love in all the levels – Individual, Family, Social, National and International, among all the living beings as shown in the following diagram.

Harmony when Supreme is in centre

How we achieve this harmony, peace and love among individuals, families, states and nations? By following the scriptures – not blindly but with proper logic, reasoning and submission under the guidance of a bona fide Spiritual Master who is fully self realized and whose only aim is to reawaken dormant self realization and love of Godhead in every living being’s heart.

This brings us another question – how to find such a bona fide Spiritual Master and what are the characteristics of such a bona fide Spiritual Master?

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